Aventus by Sebon

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Base notes:  chamomile, musk, moss, vanilla
Heart notes:  jasmine, birch, patchouli, rose
Top notes:  pineapple, bergamot, black currant, apple
Perfume groups:  fruit, chypre

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Aventus is a woody-fruity masculine fragrance, from the Creed niche brand . This is a unique, luxurious, dynastic brand with all the private capital. The Creed brand has a history of over 250 years, during which time it has created emblematic perfumes for royal houses and other pretentious and refined customers. In addition, thanks to the exceptional tradition transmitted from father to son in 1760, he prides himself on the old techniques of processing the precious ingredients, selected for the manufacture of his unparalleled perfumes.

This perfume water celebrates strength, courage and success. Aventus was inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte . It simultaneously reflects vigor, persistence, war, peace and love. This original perfume reflects the nature of one of the most interesting characters in history.

The Creed brand was founded in the eighteenth century, when the first Creed laid the foundations of family perfume. Since then, the formula for the production of various flavors has been kept exclusively in the family, from generation to generation. Creed has been on the market for over 200 years. Despite the massive competition of the „fashionable” brands, it has built a solid position and a rising success.

All ingredients are hand-selected with the utmost care. Among the top notes of Aventus perfume water are black currants, sweet apples, exotic pineapple and intense bergamot. In the heart, we discover the sweet aroma of roses, dried tones of birch, the purity of Moroccan jasmine and an intense patchouli. The perfect finish is accorded with oak, vanilla, creamy and amber-like musk.

In addition to the captivating aromas, all the perfumes of the Creed brand attract through the packaging of a totally special elegance. The bottle exudes virility, power and classic elegance. The simple design, glossy silvery black, with the rider’s engraving, suggests that this is the scent of a true man. Try the exceptional quality and tradition, reflected in the Aventus perfume .

Aventus , from Creed – the perfume inspired by one of the most important people in history.


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